Recycled Wool

Giving Wool New Life

From fleeces to our Smartloft insulation, we use recycled wool fibers wherever possible.

How We Do It

We’ve worked with our partners to create facilities and processes that allow us to use recycled wool—even opening up the process so other brands can use recycled fabric and materials as well. Reclaimed wool fibers and high-quality Merino 250 scraps are collected, deconstructed, and turned into new recycled fabric for our fleeces and reclaimed insulation. These recycled-fiber garments perform just as well (even better in some cases) and still provide the comfort you’ve come to expect from our products.

But Why Use Recycled Wool?

Good question. One of the biggest environmental impacts of wool comes from the methane released by the sheep growing it. By taking wool that already exists and re-using it, we help reduce CO2 emissions. This is part of our ongoing efforts to create more sustainable wool products and practices in all aspects of what we do. You can learn more about how we’re using recycled wool here.