First, Not Finished.

We didn’t discover Merino wool, but we knew it would take better care of your feet. So we put it in socks. And since then, we’ve been developing and innovating new ways to stretch the limits of our favorite natural fiber. Because the better we can help you take care of your feet, the more you can see and do and live and push yourself outside.

Classic Hike

In 1994, we invented the first ever Merino wool performance sock—the Classic Hike. They are our origin story. The catalyst. The beginning.

Get After It

Seasoned trail veteran? Or trying hiking out for the first time? We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and musing to help get you into the comfort zone as you head out on the trail.

Kits Built from the Feet Up

Whatever you’re doing, you should do it as comfortably as possible. And nothing says comfy, cozy like soft socks and apparel.
Check out these curated kits that bring more comfort to your time outside and adventures around the house.

The ‘Escape’ Artist

What are they doing between video conference calls? IDK, but they always seem so tan and refreshed. Maybe they’re stretching their legs and really living their best work from home life? A.K.A. the quick-hike specialist.

Women's Light Hiking Crew Socks

Women's Merino Sport 150 Mountain Morning Tank

Women's Merino Sport Lined Short

G.O.R.P. Gnosher

The person carrying the snacks is always appreciated—because when you’re hiking, you’re hungry. You’re provisioned to last for weeks (even if you’re only out for a few hours). Bars, gels, and peanuts, oh my.

Hike Light Margarita Crew

Men's Merino 150 Baselayer Short Sleeve

Men's Merino Sport Lined 5'' Short

The Hiker’s Hiker

This person knows how to use a compass (like actually knows). Picks up trash. Stays on-trail. Potentially drives a hatchback AWD vehicle and has the oldest hiking boots you’ve ever seen. (Might have a weird obsession with topo maps)

Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew

Men's Merino Sport 150 Short Sleeve Button Down

Men's Merino Sport 10'' Short

Stop-and-Smell-the-Flowers Supporter

“Not all who wander are lost,” is a personal moto. Dips their feet in the stream here, breaks for lunch there, poses for a photo everywhere. It’s definitely not about the destination and that’s A.OK with us.

Women's Hike Light Margarita Crew

Women's Merino Sport 150 Cactus Crop Tee

Women's Merino Sport Lined Short