Hike On and On and On...

Comfortable feet hike farther, so we built our best-fitting, highest-performing hiking socks to help pad and protect your feet in any hiking boot or shoe. Our PhD® Hike socks combine the very best sock innovations with the power of natural Merino wool to help you take care of your feet on the way to any summit.

PhD® Hike Socks

Better fitting. Better feeling. Better everything. These performance hiking socks are anything but ‘standard.’

Natural fibers meet Smartwool innovations to help you take care of your feet on the trail.

Get After It

Seasoned trail veteran? Or trying hiking out for the first time? We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and musing to help get you into the comfort zone as you head out on the trail.

Kits Built from the Feet Up

Whether you’re taking on your favorite 14er or enjoying a hike with your friends, you should be able to perform at your best.

Check out these curated kits that bring more comfort and performance to your time outside and adventures on the trail.


Mr. Back to Backpacking

It’s been a while. But the wild calls again and who are you to say, ‘no?’ Dust off that pack, don on those boots, and equip yourself with our blister-repellent socks (‘cause you’ll probably need ‘em).

PhD Outdoor Light Arches Print Mid Crew

Men's Merino Sport 150 Go Far Feel Good

Men's Merino Sport 10'' Short

Peak Bagger

Mountains? Yeah, it’s your thing. Your trekking poles are set to stun and your boots were laced up at precisely 4:45 AM. You’re going to be on the summit before most people make it out of their tents. Crushing it (and having a blast).

Women's PhD Outdoor Light Print Mid Crew

Women's Merino Sport Ultra Light Hoodie

Women's Merino Sport Hike Short

Just One More Hike

Can’t get enough of the mountains. Always escaping to sneak in one more peak. Your friends are constantly wondering where you are, but they just don’t get it. Light and fast and always back to the city in time for brunch.

PhD Outdoor Light Mountain Camo Print

Men's Merino Sport 150 Glouton Tee

Men's Merino Sport 10'' Short

I Dream of Treeline

Gotta get up where the hills scrape the sky. Where you’re taller than the trees. You do it for more than a breath of fresh air. You do it because it feels good to get lost in the right direction sometimes—because when you’re up so high, all the little things seem so...little.

Women's PhD Pro Approach Mini

Women's Merino Sport 150 Bunch of Pineapples Tank

Women's Merino Sport Hike Short