Why Wear Smartwool?


The Merino Smartwool uses is super soft and not the scratchy wool your grandparents used. The fabrics selected for next-to-skin tops and bottoms are made from super fine Merino fibers. It is the thickness of the fiber in relation to its length that dictates how easily it will blend and yield when pressed into the skin, and hence the degree of softness versus prickle or scratchiness. In comparison, human hair is typically 2-3x as thick.

Hand Selection

Most Merino products are made from commonly sourced wool of unknown origin or quality. The result is that you never really know what is in the blends that make up the yarn and the fabric, and it only takes a few short coarse fibers to make you itch. Every single Smartwool fleece, from every single Merino sheep is hand classed by a trained wool classer before it even leaves the farm.

Wrinkle Resistance

Smartwool® fabric has excellent elastic properties which enable the fibers to quickly recover after stretching. Even if the fabric is deformed for a period of time, exposure to a humid environment will quickly remove any wrinkles.

Multi-seasonal comfort

Merino is a technically active fiber, able to react to changes in your body temperature and the environment—insulating you in the cold, and managing heat and moisture when you are hot. We call this thermoregulating.

Combining Comfort with Sustainability

We’ve developed a way to take the scraps from our 250 baselayers and blend then into our new Smartloft insulation. We combine this recycled Merino wool with virgin wool and polyester to create high-quality performance insulation that breathes, is more sustainable, and has more loft than previous versions.

Look and feel good longer

Smartwool® products are designed for today’s
busy lifestyle, whether out running, shopping, or
in the office. It is machine washable and in many
cases, tumble dryable. Even after frequent laundering,
your Smartwool® garment retains its
shape, color, and feel.