Outdoor-Inspired Artist Series


More expression. More colour. More artist collaborations. This season, we’ve partnered with

unique artists and storytellers to create Merino wool socks and apparel saturated with

inspiration. Now you can take the art of the outdoors with you wherever you go.

Lucas Beaufort


Lucas focuses on simple lines and unique colors to create powerful artwork that is inspired by community and togetherness. He draws inspiration from his travels, the outdoors, and the adventures around him to create his abstract, expressive art.

Jonas Claesson


Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Jonas mixes strong references from his new home in Australia with his Scandinavian roots. Jonas’s freewheeling artwork and unconventional take on his everyday surroundings have become his distinctive trademark.



John Fellows


John draws inspiration from his travels and adventures in wild places. He creates his contemporary folk art by hand-carving prints of rugged peaks, stormy seas, and grizzled mountain men. He connects place with emotion in simple, elegant lines aimed to draw the viewer into a moment captured in each print.

Chris Benchetler


Chris travels year-round to chase his passions of skiing, climbing, and being outdoors. While he’s on the road, he creates unique pieces of art that capture the essence of where he is and what he’s doing.