Products & Fabric

We design with purpose

Our purpose is to create comfort, confidence, and community for life lived outside.

So we design our products to enable your every step, send, and summit. Ever since we discovered what Merino could do, we’ve been developing gear with new fabric technologies and design techniques made to help people go farther and feel better in the outdoors.

Our design philosophy is
centered around three key pillars.

1. Comfort


One of the benefits of Merino wool is how comfortable it is, but how we construct a garment or sock can make or break how it feels. We use a ‘from the inside out’ design philosophy to make sure our garments are as comfortable as possible. All of our midlayers are lined with Merino. Our base layers feature strategically placed flatlock seams to minimize hot spots and chafing. And our socks focus on fit to ensure comfort no matter the activity.

2. Fit


We want everything we make to fit like it’s your favorite shirt/sock/jacket. From keeping our socks from slipping, to creating a base layer that is designed to move with you as you play in the winter, we focus on creating some of the best-fitting gear in the market in order to help keep you comfortable and confident in the outdoors. And every season, we spend countless hours refining fit and feel with product testers to make sure each item won’t distract from your adventures.

3. Durability


Merino is a natural fiber, which means that while it’s strong, it breaks down over time. We design, and prepare our products to counteract that. From our groundbreaking Indestructawool™ sock construction wool technology that makes our socks 30% more durable than any pair we’ve ever made to our Core Spun fabric technology, which adds durability to our lightweight fabric, we’re continually pushing what natural fibers are capable of doing in order to enhance comfort over the lifetime of each product.

These three pillars also drive our new technologies.

Each technology was created out of a desire to enhance comfort during outdoor activities.
When we see a need for something to increase durability, fit, and comfort, we create it. Our technologies are born from experience, expertise, and creativity.


This patent-pending technology is the foundation of our performance socks. We spent over two years in the lab, creating a new way to knit socks because we wanted to increase their comfort, fit, and durability. And we didn’t stop until we knew we got it right.

Indestructawool™ technology may very well make our socks the most durable on the market. We tested them, and they radically outperformed anything we had made before.

Inside-Out Design

We design from the inside out. That means our products are meticulously finished to provide superior comfort no matter the activity. Our midlayers are lined with high-quality Merino, our base layers use flatlock seams that are strategically placed to minimize chafing and discomforts, and some socks are specifically designed to enhance footwear like technical ski boots and approach shoes. We think about how the garment feels when you put it on.

Why we do it.

Every thread, every knit, every stitch is meticulously placed and designed to make sure you can focus on adventure after adventure without worrying about your feet, shoulders, or otherwise. We want to share the outdoors with others, and we believe that we can do that by making gear designed to get you out there.