Perfect fit
Every Time.

The best ski socks and snowboard socks are always the ones that fit you and your boots. Our Merino wool PhD® Ski and Snowboard Collection features a range of cushioning levels that helps create a tailored-to-you custom feel.

Great Ski/Snow
Socks Are Merino.

The Best Fit Perfectly.

Merino wool insulates, transports sweat quickly away from the body, and doesn’t hold odors even after multiple wears.

We’ve updated the cushioning and features in our PhD® Ski and Snowboard socks to fit in your ski/snowboarding boots better than ever.





PhD Ski Ultra Light Benchetler Print

What Do You Love to Do?

The warmest ski and snowboard socks are the ones that fit. Use the guide below to find the right one for your boot.

Designed with Smartwool Athlete Mikaela Shiffrin

We’ve teamed up with the master of precision and speed, Mikaela Shiffrin, to build the ultimate ski race sock. With streamlined cushioning designed to perfectly fit race boots, a new elasticized arch for a better ‘ski feel,’ and Shred Shield™ durability technology for more warmth and reduced wear from toes these ski socks will help remove distractions and discomforts as you rip down the slope.

How do You Like to Express Yourself?


Our Artist and Athlete PhD® Ski and Snow socks feature a broad range of patterns and colors to help complete your kit. Wear what the pros wear and pick a sock to help keep you feeling inspired.

The Gold Standard of Merino Wool

Our ZQ-Certified Merino wool is responsibly sourced with the highest standards of animal welfare, social responsibility, and fiber quality in mind.